The fond « City Heart for Orphans»


Phone: +38 (098) 043-68-53

Ukraine, 58004, Chernivetska region.
Misto Chernivtsi, 20-A Spaska St.

Date of registration: 10.02.2021
entry number: 10003810200000129


Design and build

You can participate at all stages of design and construction. This includes financial assistance, personal participation in the work, assistance with building materials, tools and equipment, and much more.

Funds raised


The fond « City Heart for Orphans» believes that there are many more good hearts than evil ones.

But sometimes the wicked are more organized than the good. For this reason we want to rally our efforts to work on the wonderful project that God has revealed to us, so that, if possible, every city would have such a project for children who were born into this world, but were abandoned by their parents.

Thank God that there are wonderful families who are willing to accept such a child, and not just one, to share the joy and care of him or her. But these people very often face domestic problems - where to place such a large family, how to feed them?
For this reason our goal is to support the hands of those who are ready to accept new orphans into their homes. We want to build for them inexpensive houses with improved heating, inexpensive to operate. And also that they have a separate room for spiritual meetings as well as a place for athletic competitions.

We want to support the hands of those who are orphans, and thereby Christ Himself, as He said, because God is not ashamed to call Himself "the father of orphans" Psalm 67:6



Buildings built

Become a volunteer

Ukraine, 58004, Chernivtsi region, Chernivtsi city, Ispaska street, building 20-A

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