Not a few families stop to take a child orphan into their home because of the impossibility of having other children living in their home. That is why the goal of this project is to find funds to build inexpensive homes for families who are adapting children from orphanages into their families, so that the children can grow up without the damage that they have no family.

An important point in this is to build low-cost houses, in terms of maintenance, (energy efficiency category A), as well as, inexpensive and uncomplicated in the construction of the project.

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For the construction of the town will be involved volunteer teams who are willing to gratuitously carry out this project. A separate building with a gymnasium and auditorium should be built for these homes for meetings and worship on Sundays.
Also, that these children hear about God from an early age, that there is not a large church building nearby, where it would be possible to grow spiritually and mentally by attending different classes for teenagers.

This "campus" should be a place to start a new church in a neighborhood of the city where there is no church.

This is if possible, there can be other suggestions when a young church wants to dedicate itself to this ministry to children.
That each family would have the right to remain in that house, carrying on the ministry to orphans for at least 15 years, paying interest-free costs only for building materials. Land must be allocated by the city and work on a volunteer basis. The money paid from this project will go to similar projects in other cities in Ukraine.

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The situation in Ukraine

In total, 7.579.700 children live in Ukraine


orphans and children deprived of parental care




deprived of parental care


can be adopted

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